2020 Outlaw Reunion Shirt

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go / no go decision for the reunion to be made May 15th

We are in a war! This comment has been made by the President on numerous occasions. I sincerely hope and pray this newsletter finds you and your loved ones doing well. Please follow the guidance provided which, I believe, will help keep you from contracting the CORONAVIRUS.

In my lifetime, the only thing that comes close to our current situation is how I faintly remember what happened during World War II. Then, the Nation came together to defeat an enemy. There was full mobilization. People sacrificed, looked out for one another, and were dedicated to defeating an enemy. That same effort is required now in my humble opinion. We are strong with a will to win, so hang in there!

When I wrote last, I stated that we are pretty well prepared for our reunion in San Antonio during the period 17 to 21 September 2020. We are still prepared for our reunion. Having said that, I have been in touch with Armed Forces Reunions, Inc. (AFR) to determine a way forward should the CORONAVIRUS issue persist. I believe it too early to make any changes right now but that we need to be prepared to make changes should the situation dictate. We felt it prudent to wait until 15 May to make a decision regarding the reunion. We feel that by then we will have a much better understanding about the long-term impact and persistence of the CORONAVIRUS.

If a decision must be made to make any changes, we will notify you promptly. We will do that through another edition of the newsletter and emails, as appropriate. It will provide guidance regarding registration and next steps.

I know how important having an Outlaw reunion is to all of us. As we learn more, I commit to you that I will do all that I can to conduct a reunion worthy of each and every one of you. You deserve the best because you are the best!

In closing, I want to encourage you to take all necessary measures to remain healthy and safe. I am remaining away from crowds to maximum extent possible. Of course, our individual situations are different but one thing is certain, this disease is serious and, so, it requires precaution so as not to contract it.

God Bless each and every one!

Bert L. Rice

Reunion Group Photo Charleston 2019